software - the core

of industry 4.0

We develop control systems, intelligent recognition software and have the machines collaborate. All plants are designed user-centered.


controller unit


Line Control

Our control systems or respectively line controls supervise plants and help the single modules to communicate. Sensors and intelligent components make them sustainable.

For db-matik units – in this example a 3D printed robat hand – we develop the entire UI and GUI. In SPS, FLTK or completely free in C.

Software is the Digital Heart of the Machines. High Flexibility and Quick Updates distinguish our Systems.


Development Service



We work exclusively with the newest versions of:

- MS Visual Studio (VS2015prof, C ++)

- HALCON image processing library

- FLTK graphics libraries

- GALIL  and ELMO motor controls

- BOOST as a general C ++ library


Both classic control via SPS and computerized control in C++.

We develop computerized controls for Microsoft Windows systems as well as for Linux systems including Linux Realtime.





Ignite your

economic power.

With our software, the user is the center of development.

We cooperate with internationally successful designers in order to continously optimize our surfaces according to the requirements of our users.


In order to be able to observe specification sheets and deadlines we offer classic project management for your project.


Our experienced operations staff helps you with gant charts and with all important project planning steps.