reel to reel

We are pleased to provide our know-how in reel to reel production. We deliver plant parts or integrate your systems into time- and work-saving R2R lines.

We have all components at our disposal in order to implement also your application in reel to reel.

reel to reel


Input Module

& Unwinder

Reel to reel material feeding system for the integration of processing machines e. g. laser plants for the production of e. g. flexible circuit boards.


- 150mm – 530mm substrate width, Ø up to 2m

- materials: copper, polyamide, polyimide, thicknesses 25µm - 1000µm.

- quick-change units for substrate rolls

- edge guide control

- promotion rate up to 2000mm/s at 6m/s²

- vacuum clamping

- docking system with limit stops

- LxWxH = ca. 1400 mm x 900 mm x 1500 mm without housing

- ionizers

Our reel to reel systems can be individually integrated into your production process due to their modular system.
- substrate widths up to 500 mm standard
- overwidth is possible
- edge guide control
- quick roll change systems
- innovative vacuum buffer for contactless buffering of the substrates


transportation systems

Output Modules


Foil transportation systems for pick and place machines, printing machines, intelligent transportation systems with edge guide control and tape tension regulations


Turnkey in your production plants for all possible roll materials

XY printing module

industrial Ink Jet print

freely programmable cutting

Precision inkjet printer for substrate printing;

barcodes, data matrix codes, batch numbers etc..


- integrable into reel to reel or also as a "stand alone" module

- freely programmable XY gantry system

- precise structure with linear motors and digital encoder system

- traverse path: 600 mm X 500 mm

- camera for precise positioning

- repeat accuracy < 10µm.

- vacuum suction area with seperately switchable vacuum sections

- individual software control with graphical interface

- completely encased


XY precision cutting module for substrate separation. For curved forms or linear cutting.


- freely programmable XY cutting system

- precise structure with linear motors

- digital encoder system

- traverse path: X600mm Y500mm

- camera for precise positioning of the cutting head

- adjustable vacuum suction area in width

- individual control with graphical interface

- aluminium frame with housing


your Production.

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