Printed electronics

the flexible future

The rise of printed electronics is inescapable – flexible displays, battery technology or standard electronics.


Printed and flexible electronics enable broad areas of application as well as low manufacturing costs for example for the production of sensor or battery technology


Printed Electronics offer a Broad Area of Application and are the Key to High-Volume Production

fields of application

Printed electronics


pressure sensors


RFID access control, time logging, labels or RFID chip systems for the optimization of processes - We are the right partner for production.

Sensors which simultaneously recognize form, size and pressure of situated objects are more and more becoming a standard in smart products.

BAttery technology

cell production



Printed batteries present a economical alternative to conventional batteries and button cells.

For predictive maintenance and any other system monitoring, temperature always plays a big role. Temperature sensors are relatively easy to print.


medical & consumer

medical engineering

Printed electronics are perfectly suitable for smart portable devices thanks to their high flexibility.

Especially their flexibility is what makes printed and organic electronics interesting for medical science.

sensor technology




The research institute ID-Tech-Ex predicts that the printed and flexbile sensor market will have grown to 7 billion US Dollars by 2020.

Interactive elements and the linking of online and offlinge reality open up new advertising dimensions for mass products.




The market requires accurate, reliable, easy-to-handle and economical methods in order to prove that products are stored and transported correctly.

Many microcomponents can be produced via printing process. Find out if your product can also be printed.

printing industry

The traditional printing industry can be adjusted to the high technical requirements of printed electronics and even enhanced.

reel to reel

printer lines

With our lines, nearly any application of printed electronics can be produced, in fact extremely efficient in reel to reel procedure.


your Production.

Benefit from our experience and find out how to improve your production efficiency with printed electronics.