pick & Place

We develop special pick & place machines for niche applications where components have to be placed away from the standard machines.

Thanks to our network with the leading manufacturers of standard equipping machines we are able to quickly and flexibly build lines for high-volume productions.

We evaluate new processes for you and support you with the finding of suitable production lines.


Pick & Place

Pick & Place

reel to reel

Thanks to our broad knowledge and experience, we are able to quickly and simply present you with solutions for your pick & place task as regards special and niche applications.


- traverse range up to 2000 mm

- integrated vision technology

- equipping accuracy up to 10┬Ám

- integration of various dosing and dispensing systems

We modify existing technologies in order to integrate them into reel to reel processes.



Pick & place

Advanced Placement

hot bar technology

pick & place machines especially for the field of hybrid assembly. Plants combined with hot bar, thermodes or curing systems.


your Production.