A.I. learning

Whether it is about robot systems or production lines, we are able to have our plants learn and thus improve production efficiency.

In cooperation with leading specialists we constantly enhance the capability of our A. I.

Predictive maintenance

Thanks to precise forecast of spare and wear as well as the early recognition of faulty parts, intelligent plants stay almost completely free of break-down.

Maintenance works can be planned more efficiently and the number of spare parts to be stocked is minimized.

data mining

Artificial intelligence



Our AI department deals with the usage evolution of the plant data. Find out how room temperature or micro vibrations have an impact on your production quality and how you can react accordingly.

Sensors, Interlinking and Constant Data Evaluation are Key to Modern Production





Our software makes data visible and thus easier to evaluate. Our in-house design team adjusts the visualization to your brand.

The obtained data is evaluated and reacted to directly on the machine. This way, network ressources are preserved and unintentional data transfer is avoided.

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