Our developer team is highly qualified with an extraordinary degree of motivation. It consists of development professionals as well as trainees in the field of Mathematical-Technical Software Developer. We do pioneer work as regards ‘software training’.

In doing so we cover a spectrum, which covers classical control via SPS (Primarily Siemens S7) as well as computer-based control.

Our long-standing experience in software development, particularly in special-machine construction, allows us to not only to get machines and plants "going" efficiently and effectively, but to also to optimally realize the special requests of our customers.

Practically all our software developers have an interdisciplinary background, and usually also have at least one additional professional qualification either as electrician, mechanic or both, and are therefore especially able to realize automation tasks. 

As a particularity in the area of PC-based automation-software, because of years-long experience and the challenges presented by the construction of special-purpose machines for a respective "fast solution", a development platform for C++ based PC control for general automation solutions has been developed, which we can offer to customers who want to develop their ‘own’ software. In the process, a softtware library emerged that displays all fundamental aspects of a automation application:

-          Drive technology

-          E/A  control

-          Graphical user interface

-          Process control

-          Highly diverse interfaces

-          Image processing

You can supplement such a solution with assembly groups including software-modules from our "automation-kit".

The usage of modern development tools and methods is self-evident for us and does not really require further definition. Likewise for documentation and application.

Our main tools and libraries are for the area of Siemens S7 the standard tools from Siemens including the TIA platform as well as all additional tools.

For the area of computer control

-          The respectively newest version of Microsoft Visual Studio (VS2015prof, C++)

-          HALCON image processing libraries

-          FLTK graphics libraries

-          GALIL and ELMO motor controls

-          BOOST as general C++ library

We develop computer-based controls for Microsoft Windows systems as well as for Linux systems, including Linux Realtime.

  • High-level language programming
For your project, a highly-motivated developers team with long-standing experience with the programming of technical software is available.


  • Image-processing systems / Industrial image processing
Use of "SmartCams" in our own integration environments which also work in multi-camera mode.
Special applications are covered by HALCON libraries.


  • AOI Systems
AOI's for "Stand Alone" or "In Line use". Also for Reel to Reel production processes or lines.
With camera or also scanner technology.


  • SPS programming
SPS programming for plants and special machine construction. We offer you programming in the complete S7 family. In developing the SPS programming, we strictly respect your specifications (AWL).
Visualization of graphical user interfaces.